Bryan Lewis Saunders

Born in Washington, DC 1969


BFA degree. E.T.S.U. Johnson City, TN. 1998



Lecturing, Workshops, Visiting Artist and Talks

KHM – Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. Intervention. May/07

Bowery Poetry Club in NYC, NY. On Craft Lecture Series. Nov/07

CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) - Third Ear Experiment. Artist Talk. Sept/12

MIKA Contemporary Arts - We Don't Need Another Doctor, We Can Run Our Own Tests. Artist Talk. July/14

CEU - Central European University. "Drugs, Art and Society". Panel. June/16

MSU - Mississippi State University. Visiting Artist & Artsit Talk. Feb/19

University of Hong Kong. Artist Q&A. Mar/22



Art Exhibitions

"SOUS INFLUENCES: ARTISTES ET PSYCHOTROPES" (group exhibition with Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama, Witkacy and many more)

La Maison Rouge in Paris, France. Feb/13


"GREGOR MENDEL MUTATIONS" (solo exhibition)

MIKA Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. July/13


"FACELESS & FACELESS II" (group exhibitions)

Museum Quartier (MQ21) in Vienna, Austria. Sept/13

Mediamtic in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Feb/14


"THE THIRD EAR EXPERIMENT" (group exhibition)

Librarie HumuS in Lausanne, Switzerland. Oct/13


"SENSATIONS AND OTHER FEELINGS" (Solo and collaborative exhibitions with Nicole Bailey)

Catalyst Projects in Washington D.C. Feb/14

Sediment Arts in Richmond, VA. April/14

Librarie HumuS in Lausanne, Switzerland. Oct/14


"THE CONFESSOR" (group exhibitions)

"Source Amnesia" Oslo 10 in Basel, Switzerland June/14

"All Gold/Generator" The Printshop at MoMA PS1, New York Dec/14



MIKA Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. July/14


"HUMAN+" (group exhibition)

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona, Spain. Oct/15

Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy. Feb/18


"DE MAAKBARE MENS (THE MALLEABLE SELF)" (group exhibition with Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch and Willem van Genk)

Dolhuys Museum van de Geest, Haarlem, Netherlands. Oct/15


"PAYING ATTENTION" (group exhibition)

Sediment Arts in Richmond, VA. Sept/16


"NOW SEE US, HEAR US" (group exhibition)

Sediment Arts in Richmond, VA. Feb/17


"30 DAYS TOTALLY BLIND" (solo exhibition)

Private Showing, Johnson City, TN. Feb/18

Blind Month and Deaf Month, Bunk Spot Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. Sept/18


"SEEING PURPLE/ SEEING RED" (group exhibition)

"30 Day Napkin Piece", Online Exhibtion, Nov/20


"WAT IS JOUW GEEST? (WHAT IS YOUR MIND?)"  (group exhibition)

Dolhuys Museum van de Geest, Haarlem, Netherlands. Nov/20


"LOONEY TUNES"  (group exhibition with Alex Katz, Marc Quinn, Kenny Scharf, KAWS and more)

Corridor Contemporary in Tel Aviv, Israel. Jan/21


"RIGHT SIDE UP AGAIN"  (solo exhibition and performance)

Private Showing, Johnson City, TN. Jan/23


"HAVE A CLOSER LOOK"  (group exhibition with Pablo Picasso, Lucien Freud, Gerhard Richter, George Condo and more)

Corridor Contemporary in Tel Aviv, Israel. Jan-Mar/2023



Selected Festivals and Multimedia Performances

"MISSING CHILD" (performance)

Hamblin Art Space in Johnson City Tennessee. Aug/06



Trodler-Bar in Berlin, Germany. Fuel performance. May/07

KHM in Cologne, Germany. TV Studio Performance. May/07

Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris, France. Nov/07

Presence Capitale, Contemporary Art Museum in Bordeaux, France. Burn Out-Post Crash Festival Nov/07

Emmetrop in Bourges, France. Nov/07

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California.  4th of July Party in the Park.  July/08

The Smell in Los Angeles, California.  Cool in the Pool Day 1.  July/08

Black Box Collective in Orlando, Florida.  Quarterly Noise Report.  Oct/08

Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, PA.  Dec/09

Pageant: Soloveev Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.  Dec/09


"SIGN IT !" (performance)

Chez Seany Poo in Nashville, Tennessee. Mar/08


"BED BUGS II" (performance)

The Hideaway in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Oct/08

New Music House in Tallahassee, Florida.  Oct/08


"TALES FROM JAIL" (performance)

E.T.S.U. in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Homecoming Poetry Jam.  Oct/08



Palau de la Música Catalana in Barceelona, Spain.  May/10


"YUXTAPOSICIONES 2010" (festival)

La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Spain. Nov/10



La Suite / Centre Culturel Alternatif in Paris, France.  May/10

The Hideaway in Johnson City, Tennessee.  LP Release Party.  June/2010


"DAKU" (performance)

Cave 12 in Geneva, Switzerland. Nov/12

Arnolfini in Bristol, United Kindom. Extreme Rituals Festival. Dec/12

Moviate Underground at Artsfest in Harrisburg, PA. May/15 (Live performance with Z'EV)

9/11 Fest in Austin, TX. Sept/15

Collectif MU at The Station Paris, France. June/16 


"LUFF" (festival)

Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne, Switzerland. Oct/13

Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne, Switzerland. Oct/14


"SPOKEN WEIRD" (performance)

Whitechapel Gallery in London, UK. Sept/14


"KRAAK FESTIVAL 2015" (performance with Razen) 

Netwerk Contemporary Art Center, Aalst, Belgium. Mar/15



Selected Film Screenings

"WHERE'S MAO NOW WHEN YOU NEED HIM?" Directed by B. L. Saunders

Cranbrook Museum. Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Cranbrook Video Fest.  May/05

Dayton Dirt Collective. Dayton, OH.  March/09


"FLAT HEAD" Directed by B. L. Saunders

Videofest Villa te Koop. Den Haag, Netherlands. 05/29/09


"ART OF DARKNESS" [Subejct of a documentary feature] Directed by David Parker

Raindance Fllm Festival. London, UK. 09/30/14

Kansas International Film Festival. Overland Park, Kansas. 10/15/14 

Orlando Film Festival. Orlando, Florida. 10/24/14

Rendezvous With Madness Film Fetival. Toronto Canada. 11/14/14

Bahamas International Film Festival. 12/05/14

Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival. 12/12/14 [Winner Best Personal Feature]

Beloit International Film Festival. Beloit, WI. 02/26/15

Moviate Underground at Artfest, Harrisburg, PA. 05/23/15

CBC, Canadian TV, 07/03/15, 08/03/15, 08/04/15, 03/14/16 and 03/15/16


"SELF PORTRAIT PORTRAIT" [Subject of a documentary short] Directed by James Hollenbaugh

Lausanne Undergraound Film Festival. Lausanne, Switzerland. 10/16/14 & 10/19/14

Black Maria Film Festival. NJ City University. (U.S. Premiere + 30 city tour). 02/05/15 - 06/16/15 

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, 02/23/15

Unites States Super 8mm Film and Digital Vdeo Festival. Rutgers Uniuversity, New Brunswick NJ. 03/07/15 [Winner Honorable Mention]

Kill the Silence Film Festival (LUFF HK). HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Honk-Kong. 04/25/15

56th Venice Biennale. Venice Biennale 3 Gallery, Venice, italy. 05/09/15

Moviate Underground at Artfest, Harrisburg, PA. 05/23/15

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 07/25/15

Modern Panic VI, London, UK. 10/15

Analogica, ATA Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US. 03/25/16

Analogica, CtraterLab, Barcelona, Spain. 04/15/16

Analogica, no-w-here, London, UK. 04/21/16

Anthology Film Archives, NY. 04/29/16


"TRIAL RUN" [Starring role in a fictional short] Directed by Lawrence Klein

Fantastic Fest. Austin, TX. 9/25/15 & 9/30/15 

Lausanne Undergraound Film Festival. Lausanne, Switzerland. 10/15


"BRYAN SAUNDERS: SENSORY EXPERIMENTS" [Subject of a documentary short] Directed by Jake Higgs

TN Film Nights, Johnson City, TN. 4/9/19

Tennessee Communication Association Film Showcase, Johnson City, TN. 3/21


"THE EXTRAORDINARY SELF-PORTRAITS OF BRYAN SAUNDERS"  [Subejct of a documentary feature] Directed by Blind Dweller

Feature Length Youtube Documentary. United Kingdom. 7/1/22




I'm Not Dead I'm Schizotypal (short). Video. Dec/00

Audra Buys A Piano. Video. Oct/04

Where's Mao Now When You Need Him?. Video. Apr/05

Sex, Drugs and Institutions. DVD. 2008

Sign It ! (Live). DVD. March/08

Missing Child (Live). DVD. Apr/08

Bed Bugs II. DVD. Dec/08

Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble "Hidden Away" Live 2008.  URCK Records Limited Series. Videography. DVD. 2009

Slobberscope. Video. Oct/09

Classwar Apperception Test, (With Nicole Bailey). Classwar Karaoke. Videography. 2009

Near Death Experience. DVD. April/10

Opening the Mind. DVD Bonus Feature. "Bryan Saunders: Sensory Experiments". Jan/19




Bryan Lewis Saunders: Inner Demon Demos Vol. 1-3. CD-R 2006

Mr. Brain Sander: Songs About Huffing. Teenage Whore Tapes. Cassette 2008

Bryan Lewis Saunders: “FÜR DIE HUNDE”. Interpretation of Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer’s - “Anticipation of the Generalized Other” (SHMF 019-20nach). CD-R May/08

Bryan Lewis Saunders, Kommissar Hjuler und Frau, Faust Adolf Hjuler: "A/MEI/SEN" (SHMF-166). CD-R June/08

Z'EV & Bryan Lewis Saunders: "DAKU". CD Aug/08

Mr. Brain Sander: Busting Open. Chaotic Underworld. CD-R Dec/08

Mr. Brain Sander: Craigslist. Anti Everything Noise. Cassette Jan/09

Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau and Bryan Lewis Saunders: A/MEI/SEN. Scumbag Relations. CD-R. Dec/09

Bryan Lewis Saunders and Z'EV: "DER MUTER OBJEKT/FÜR DIE HUNDE" remix Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau's “Anticipation of the Generalized Other”.  Blossoming Noise.  Cassette.  Dec/09

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Near Death Experience. Erratum. LP Aprl/10

Bryan Lewis Saunders / Christopher Fleeger / Kaontrol Kontraos: Bed Bugs 1-3. Private Leisure Industries. LP May/11

Bryan Lewis Saunders and Hal McGee: 30 Cent Walk In Dewey Broken Back Clinic. Hal Tapes. Cassette. Oct/11

Bryan Lewis Saunders & James Hollenbaugh. DVD-R. Jan/12

Razen: "Rim Saraband". Sloow Tapes. Appearance. Cassette. 2013 

Bryan Lewis Saunders & Z'EV: "Me And My Shadow". My Dance The Skull. Cassette. Dec/13  

Cursory & Bryan Lewis Saunders: "LOWER dæmons". My Dance The Skull. Cassette. May/14

Franz Kamin / Bryan Lewis Saunders / PAAK / Kakawaka / Kommissar Hjuler und Frau: "Fluxus". Psych.KG. Cassette. Aug/16

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Deaf Month Vinyls. Des Astres d'Or. LP. June/18

Tall Jenny & Day Room Puzzles (Friend with Problems) / JaDaMaBaPa. "Fluxus +/-". Psych.KG. Split LP. 2019

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Blind Month Vinyls. Des Astres d'Or. LP. Sept/19



Sleep Works

Bryan Lewis Saunders: N1-N4 Variations (Vocal documentation from all four sleep stages). Stand-up Tragedy Records. CD-R. June/08

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Animus Chora: Spirit Receptacle.  Belsona Academy. Album/Podcast. Nov/09

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Torso.  Colin Johnco Records. CD-R/Album/File Download. Dec/09

Bryan Lewis Saunders: 87 Dreams of a Sociopath.  suRRism-Phonoethics. Album & Book/File Download. Jan/10

Bryan Lewis Saunders & Raymond Dijkstra: Le Bobcat.  Fragment Factory. Cassette. Mar/10

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 1 (Hopi Torvald / Kommissar Hjuler und Frau). SUT Records. Cassette.  March/11

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 2 (Razen / Classwar Karaoke Friends). SUT Records. Cassette.  June/11

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 3 (Evil Moisture / Wehwalt). SUT Records. Cassette.  August/11

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 4 (Love, Execution Style / Adam Bohman & Adrian Northover). SUT Records. Cassette. Feb/12

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 5 (Yoshihiro Kikuchi / Christopher Fleeger). SUT Records. Cassette. Feb/12

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 6 (Sinus Buds / Andy Ortmann). SUT Records. Cassette. March/13

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 7 (Joke Lanz / Dylan Nyoukis). SUT Records. Cassette. June/12

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 8 (Lee Gamble / CM von Hausswolff). SUT Records. Cassette. June/12

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 9 (Leif Elggren / John Moloney). SUT Records. Cassette. March/13

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 10 (Language of Light / Matt Reis). SUT Records. Cassette. March/13

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 11 (Offerings / Requiem).  SUT Records. Cassette. June/13

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Stream of Unconscious vol. 12 (Hopek Quirin / Fantom Auditore Operations~M. Esposito).  SUT Records. Cassette. June/13

Bryan Lewis Saunders: The Confessor. SUT Records. (12) Cassettes. Aug/13

Beequeen, "Around Midnight". Monotype Rec. Appearance. CD. 2014

Bryan Lewis Saunders & Arvo Zylo: "The Pleasure Tunnel / The Temple of Paradise. NOL. Cassette. Jan/15

Bryan Saunders & PS Stampsback: "Stolen Dreams". 1000+1 TiLt Recordings. CD. Jan/16

Outrechestra Feat. Bryan Lewis Saunders, "Sewing Party". Chocolate Monk. CD-R. 2017

John M. Bnnett & C. Mehrl Bennett / Bryan Lewis Saunders & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau "...from the world of burning red bugs". Psych.KG. Split LP. 2017

Razen "The Night Receptionist". Meakusma. CD. July/18

Revenge Technician "Dream Submission". Head Destroyer. Cassette. Dec/18

Revenge Technician "Problem Addict". Head Destroyer. Cassette. Mar/19

Illicit Relationship and Bryan Lewis Saunders "Walk Before You Crawl". Illicit Relationship. Cassette. Sept/20

Perverts in White Shirts "Meaning What Exactly?", "Methamphibians". Misanthroopic Agenda. Appearance. LP. June/22

Andy Ortmann "Psychoacoustic Electronics", "Torso". Nihilist Recordings. Appearance. LP. Aug/23



Remixes, Compilations, Samples and Appearances as a Featured Artist

Chaotic Underworld: Noise Recordings Vol. 2. Compilation. CD-R Sept/05

Alekar Dub Orchestra: Tribute to B.L. Saunders. Remixed in Berlin. MP3 Dec/05

RSI Vol. 2. Uncarved. Compilation. CD-R Nov/06

Sage Francis: Human the Death Dance. Epitaph Records. Appearance. LP/CD May/07

John Duncan: “Subject in Question”. Remixed by John Duncan at O’Artoteca in Milan Italy. 2007

Infolepsy Vol. 1 & 2: Compilations. WRITINGS & CD-R. May/08

Classwar Karaoke 0002 Bodies the Instruments. Compilations. Net Aug/08

Classwar Karaoke 0003 Burlesque Regress. Compilations. Net Nov/08

Murmurists, "Beneath Is Translation: I Cannot Tell You Where I am Until I Love You". Vocals. Appearance. CD Feb/09

Classwar Karaoke 0004. With Tracy Lee Summers. Compilation. Net Feb/09

Love Execution Style: Somniloquies. Sample/Audio Collage. Net July/09

Classwar Karaoke 0006 Goya Made Us Do It. Compilations. Net May/09

Lezet: Meld4. Appearance. Net July/09

Classwar Karaoke 0008. With Nicole Bailey. Compilation. Net Nov/09

Classwar Karaoke 0009. With Michael Esposito & Heidi Barton Harmon. Compilations. Net Feb/10

Anthony Donovan, 'Remaindermen', video by Anthony Donovan, vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders & Anthony Donovan, Classwar Karaoke Survey 10. Net May/10

Hostage Pageant, 'Vernacular Architecture: Down The River'. Sample. Cassette June/10

Resuming Treatment: Fragment Factory.  Intro. CD-R July/10

Communic8r. Compilation. Cassette July/10

Classwar Karaoke 0011. With Audra Fleming. Compilation. Net Aug/10

Classwar Karaoke 0015. Compilation. Net Aug/11

Classwar Karaoke 0017. Compilation. Net Feb/12

The Eternal Now. Promotional Compilation. CD Apr/12

Classwar Karaoke 0018. Compilation. Net May/12

Funkausstellung by Pit Noack. Sample. Interactive sound installation and CD May/12

ASVA & Philippe Petit: "Empires Should Burn...". Small Doses / Basses Frequencies. Appearance. LP/CD. 2012 

Classwar Karaoke 0019. Compilation. Net Aug/12

Classwar Karaoke 0020. Compilation. Net Nov/12

Classwar Karaoke 0023. With Nicole Bailey. Compilation. Net Aug/13

Classwar Karaoke 0024. Compilation. Net Nov/13

Classwar Karaoke 0025. With Sinus Buds. Compilation. Net Feb/14

Clipping., Featuring Bryan Lewis Saunders: CLPPNG "God Given Tongue", Sub Pop. Appearance. Japanese CD. June/14

Classwar Karaoke 0027. With Brad Ward and Lisa Moss. Compilation. Net Aug/14

"Speculations" (Day Room Puzzles). Ratordog. Digital. 2016

"Mind Yon Time?". Chocolate Monk. Appearance. CD-R. 2017

"This is William Birdock" Issue 17 Intercepted Transmissions. Appearance. Cassette. March/17

Z'EV, "For Quarters", Appearance as Source Vocals.  Cassette. Nov/17

Christopher Fleeger. "Acousmostomy: A Collection of Field Recordings". SBI Press. Sample. Cassette. Dec/18




Sacrifice Zine. Bryan Lewis Saunders interviews Lydia Lunch. Oct/07

Sex, Drugs and Institutions. Bryan Lewis Saunders. SUT-7 & SUT-Press. 2008

From Yodeling to Quantum Physics. Archibooks, Paris. Appearance. Mar/08

87 Dreams of a Sociopath. suRRism-Phonoethics & SUT-Press vol.2, Download. 01/10

The Reaons Why I Dream With Knives. Bryan Lewis Saunders. SUT-Press vol.3, 1st edition. 02/10

Channel Zero. Bryan Lewis Saunders. SUT-Press. 11/11

Protective Geometry. Bryan Lewis Saunders and Ed Pinsent. SUT-Press. 01/12

Authentic Soup Kitchen Menus. Bryan Lewis Saunders. Firework Edition. 03/13

Bryan Lewis Saunders Autoportraits Sous Drogues (Bryan Lewis Saunders Under the Influence). Fage Editions. 04/13

Gregor Mendel Mutations. Bryan Lewis Saunders. MIKA Gallery. 06/13

We Don't Need Another Doctor, We Can Run Our Own Tests. Bryan Lewis Saunders. Oxford University, Oculus Journal. 03/14

We Don't Need Another Doctor, We Can Run Our Own Tests. Bryan Lewis Saunders. MIKA Gallery. 07/14

La Troisième Oreille et Autres Textes. Bryan Lewis Saunders. Rip on/off. 10/14

HUMAN+ The Future of Our Species. CCCB, Barcelona. Spanish Language Ed. Appearance. 11/15

HUMAN+ Il Futuro Della Nostra Specie. Science Gallery Trinity College Dublin. Italian Langauge Ed. Appearance. 02/18

Faceless: Re-Inventing Privacy Through Subversive Media Strategies. De Gruyter, Vienna. Appearance. 06/18

Insitutions. Bryan Lewis Saunders and Andy Regos. USA. 06/18

Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society. Oxford University Press. UK. Appearance. 06/18

The Interviews Vol. 1. Stand-Up Tragedy Press. USA. 09/18

Espace Art Actuel. Canada. Appearance. 09/18

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 1 "Sexual Arousal". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 1/19

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 2 "30 Days Totally Blind". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 2/19

Contemporary American Poetry #1 Bryan Lewis Saunders. O. Yevenok. Ukraine. 5/19

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 4 "Under the Influence". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 12/19

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 3 "Human Temperature Control". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 1/20

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 5 "The Color Months". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 12/20

Trouble, Volume 1 Number 2 (Drugs). Matthew Rose. Germany. Fall/21

Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society (second edition). Oxford University Press. UK. Appearance. 01/22

Zwischentext. Zurich - Berlin. Appearance. 05/22

DissHarmonie no. 2. US. Appearance. 5/22

Trouble, Volume 2 Number 1 (Sex). Matthew Rose. Germany. Summer/22

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 6 "Vow of Silence". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 1/23

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 8 "Third Ear Experiment (Deaf Month)". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 1/23

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 9 "Sensations". Bryan Lewis Saunders & Nicole Bailey. USA. 11/23

Just Noticeable Difference: Issue 10 "100 Days Upside Down Vision". Bryan Lewis Saunders. USA. 11/23



Selected Articles, Interviews and Podcasts

Interview. WLOS ABC 13 News. Ashville NC. Aug/06

Interview. The Bowl. April/07

The Tragic Liberation of Bryan Lewis Saunders. Vision. Nov/07

A Conversation with Mr. Brain Sander. Ghettoblaster. Issue 19, Page 20. April/08

Interview. WJHL CBS 11 News. Johnson City, TN. Oct/08

Article. East Tennessean. Volume 83, Issue 15, Page 1. Oct/08

Article. East Tennessean. Volume 83, Issue 35, Page 5-6. Feb/09

Interview. Rhythmplex. 04/26/09

Interview. KTRU 91.7. Aug/09

Interview. Jan/11

Interview. The Sputnik. Feb/11

Interview. Viceland Today. Feb/11

Article. Super Interessante. Brazil. April/11

Interview. Special Interests. Number 5, Page 16. 2011

Interview. Disinfo. Aug/12

Article. Wired. Aug/12

Article. Fast Company. Aug/12

Article. Huffington Post. Aug/12

Article. Huffington Post UK. Aug/12

Interview. Timeout Tel Aviv. Israel. Aug/12

Interview. Podcast: Conversations with Matt Dwyer. Aug/12

Interview. Huffington Post D.C. Sept/12

Interview. Huffington Post. Oct/12

Article and Video Interview. The Guardian. United Kingdom. Nov/12

Video Interview. Channel 10. Tel Aviv, Israel. July/13

Article. Revista Velaverde (part 1 and 2). Peru. July/13

Article. Tenou'a Magazine. Number 152/153. France. Sept/13

Article. Libération Newspaper. [Third Ear Experiment] France. Oct/13 

Article. NOUSE. United Kingdom. Jan/14

Article. Libération Newspaper. [Sensations] France. Feb/14 

Article. Art Parasites. Germany Feb/14

Article: Zee Big Bang. March/14

Article: RYOT. May/14

Article. Time Out Israel. July/14

Article. Jetzt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Germany. June/14

Article. Liberation (Les 400 Culs). [Psych Tests] France. July/14

Article. Beautiful Decay. [Drugs] Oct/14

Article. Rolling Stoned. Netherlands. Oct/14

Article. High Times. US. Oct/14

Interview. Powderzine. Nov/14

Article. Beautiful Decay. [Torture] Dec/14

Video Interview/Episode. ARTE TV. France. Jan/15

Article. Videncenter for Arbejdsmiljø. Denmark. Feb/15

Interview. Avant Guardian V. Belgium. Feb/15

Article. Wunderwelt Wissen. Germany. March/15 

Interview. ImagineFX. UK. May/15

Article. Rooms. UK. June/15

Article. Lifter. Russia. July/15

Article. Creepy Basement. US. July/15

Article. El Confidencial. Spain. Aug/15

Interview. Foot Noise #2. Norway. Aug/15

Article. Medium Publiczne. Poland. Oct/15

Article. Süddeutsche Zeitung. Germany. Nov/15

Interview. Undressing Underground. US. Dec/15

Article. The Creators Project, Vice. US. Mar/16 

Interview (video). CEU. Hungary. June/16

Article. US. July/16

Article. CNN. US. Aug/16

Article. RawStory. US. Aug/16

Article. Barbara. No. 13. Germany. Feb/17

Article. Public Pressure. [Spoken Word]. UK. April/17

Article. Public Pressure. [Drawing]. UK. May/17

Interview. Artfully. [Drawing]. UK. Jan/18

Podcast. The Poundcast. [Drawing and more]. Los Angeles. Feb/18

Article. Public Pressure. [Blind Month]. UK. June/18

Artcile. Business Insider. Germany. June/18

Interview. No Jokes. US. July/18

Interview. Psychedelic Baby Mag. Belgium. Aug/18

Interview. Splice Today. Dec/18

Interview. LILA Interactions. [Drawing]. India. Jan/19

Interview. theQ::, France. Mar/19

Interview. No Part of It. US. Mar/19

Article. Le Soleil. [Drugs]. Quebec Ciy. July/19

Podcast. The Exile Hour. [Daily Self-Portraits, Prison, China and more]. Athens. Oct/19

Article. Bored Panda. [Drugs]. Nov/20

Podcast. Thomas Bey William Bailey's "Anechoic Chamber" Episode 16. [Drawing and more]. US. May/21

Interview (2 part video). Another Fat Guy Cooks: Crime and Nourishment. [Jail and Prison]. UK. Aug/21

Essay. HyperArt Thomasson. [Modern Drug Problem]. US. Sept/21

Article. Trouble, Volume One Number Two. [Drugs]. France. Nov/21

Interview. Overstandard. [Sexual Arousal, Euphoria, Philosophy of Art]. Denmark. Nov/21

Article. Libération, Les 400 Culs. [Sexual Arousal]. France. Jan/22

Podcast. "The Lydian Spin" Episode 134. [Performance, Spoken Word, Drawing and more]. US Feb/22 

Interview. Cinemasters w/ Rua Fay. [Performance, Trigger Warnings, Film]. US. Aug/22

Article. (Interview for direct quotes) The Guardian. [Drugs and Creativity]. UK. Mar/23

Essay. Revista Subversa. Tânia Solano Ardito. The Self and Its Hypotheses. (Daily-Self-Portraits and Sensory Experiments). Portugal. April/23

Interview. Satan Press. Interview with Bryan Lewis Saunders. (Skin Cancer and Surgery Drawings). US. Aug/23

Interview. 2i Revista de estudos Vol. 5 no. 8. (Self and Trauma). Portugal. Dec/23





Dolhuys Museum van der Geest. Haarlem, Netherlands 

ZA Art Collection

Bob and Kathy Luke Library: College of Architecture, Art & Design Mississippi State University

Charles C. Sherrod Library: East Tennessee State University