01/11/23 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, Tennessee

Description: My 100th live performance. With music by Christopher Fleeger as part of the Exhibition "Right Side Up Again".


04/01/17 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, Tennessee

Description: Clipping, Natural Black Invention, She Blinded Me With Boxcutters. (I did the Electric Shaman performance.)


10/28/16 - Local 506 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Description: Guest appearance did "Hide and Play Dead" with Clipping, Youth Code, Roseclouds. 


09/11/16 - 9/11 NOISEFEST

Austin, Texas

Description: Live performance with too many to list. 


09/10/16 - Cherry Park

Austin, Texas

Description: 9/11 pre show. Live performance collab with Mannequin Hollowcaust. First time doing electrical performance.


09/09/16 - Void castle

Denton, Texas

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust, Filth, Sarah Ruth, Junior Wayne & Princess Haultaine III, Crisis Actor and two poets Morgan Lionheart and Tara Lynn Hunter.


07/11/16 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, Tennessee

Description: Live A capella poetry performance with Compulsion Analysis, Ah Pook and Andy the Doorbum.


06/16/16 - Collectif MU at The Station

Paris, France

Description: Outdoor festival performance with Gäel Segalen, Joachim Montessuis, Evil Moisture, New Crium Delirium Erratum Coyote Circus.


05/23/16 - Moviate Underground


Harrisburg, PA 


Description: Live performance with Z'EV



10/23/15 - Cheapfest VI

Richmond, Virginia

Description: Live performance with too many to list. My first time using Bees in a Microwave solo. 


09/12/15 - Vinyl Edge Records

Houston, Texas

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust, An Innocent Young Throat Cutter (!st live appearance), Illicit Relationship, Peiiste, S. Skinner & J. Valdez.


09/11/15 - 9/11 NOISEFEST

Austin, Texas

Description: Live performance with too many to list. 


09/10/15 - Cherry Park

Austin, Texas

Description: 9/11 pre show. Live performance collabs chosen by Jonathan Cash. I played with John Madigan Maloney.


09/09/15 - Saturn Bar

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Descripption: Mannequin Hollowcaust, Herr Schmitt.


08/29/15 - Baño de Artaud

Johnson City, TN

Description: Filled in for Dan Rouse who was sick and read other people's poems. 


03/07/15 - KRAAK '15

Aalst, Belgium

Description: Live performance with Razen. Other performances by Sea Urchin, Mathieu Serrruys, Neutral, Madalyn Merkey, Kraus, Vex Ruffin, Aine O'Dwyer, Young Marble Giants, Rodion GA, and Yong Yong.


10/16/14 - LUFF '14

Lausanne, Switzerland

Description: Live performance with John Duncan titled, "Under the Influence of Torture". Tetsuo Furudate, Aaron Dilloway, Robert Curgenven, The Belles Noiseuses and many more.


09/27/14 - Whitechapel Gallery

London, UK

Description: "Spoken Weird" performances with Adam Bohman, Maya Dunietz and Tom White, Stephen Ball, David Blamey, Anouchka Grose.


10/26/13 - Strangematter

Richmond, Virgnia

Description: Live performance with Mutwawa. Mannequin Hollowcaust, Laundry Room Squelchers, Drums Like Machine Guns, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Dromez, Clang Quartet, Tinnitustimulus, Narwhalz (of sound), Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Pregnant Spore, Flesh Control and many many more.


10/17/13 - LUFF '13

Lausanne, Switzerland

Description: Leif Elggren, JG Thirlwell, Jason Lescalleet, Aluk Todolo, Blackphone666


12/08/12 - MK Gallery "Secret Anarchy Garden"

Milton Keynes, UK

Description: Stream of Unconscious performance with Anthony Donovan. Dylan Nyoukis, Blood Stereo, Daniel Spicer, Sharon Gal, Adam Bohman & Adrian Northover, Tom White.


11/30/12 - Arnolfini

Bristol, UK

Description: Daku (Excerpt) at Extreme Rituals Festival. 


11/25/12 - Grrrnd Zero

Lyon, France

Description: With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/24/12 - Cave 12

Geneva, Switzerland

Description: Daku (First Performance). With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/23/12 - Embobineuze

Marseille, France 

Description: With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/21/12 - Instants Chavirez

Paris, France

Description: With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/02/12 - The Black Lodge

Huntington, WV

Description: With Zack Kouns and Mannequin Hollowcaust


11/03/12 - The Lodge

Athens, OH

Description: With Zack Kouns and Mannequin Hollowcaust


09/15/11 - Cafe 529

Atlanta, GA

Description: With Sudden Infant, Hopi Torvald, Graham Moore 


06/25/11 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: "Bed Bugs" LP Release Party with The Subliminator, Cycles, Compulsion Analysis and Kaontrol Kontraos.


05/26/11 - JJ's Bohemia

Chattanooga, TN

Description: "Dystopia 3.0" with Rat Babies, Neon Viking Funeral, Denounce, Secret Guilt, Pinkie the Princess of Pain and Lazarus Hellgate.


03/26/11 - The Green Womb

Nashville, TN

Description: Spirit Iron Knife, The Growth, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Hostage Pageant and more.


03/25/11 - Meow Manor

Murfreesboro, TN

Description:  The Growth, Extreme Teen Bible, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Hostage Pageant, Terror'ish.


11/05/10 - La Casa Encendida

Madrid, Spain

Description: Yuxtaposiciones 2010 Festival with Linton Kwesi Johnson,  Dirk Huelstrunk and Eloy Fernández Puerta.


09/23/10 - Eyedrum 

Atlanta, GA 

Description: Hopi Torvald, Graham Moore & Mike (Offerings)


09/21/10 - The Triple

Richmond, VA

Description: Hostage Pageant, Headmolt, Positivland, Scrappy Happy


09/20/10 - 700 Social Club  

Wilmington, DE  

Description: Hostage Pageant, Joe Breittenbach, Vales, Raw Kale, Weed Wolf


09/19/10 - JR's  

Philadelphia, PA  

Description: Hostage Pageant, Drums Like Machine Guns


Sat. 09/18/10 - Moviate

Harrisburg, PA  

Description: Hostage Pageant, Emma Cora


09/17/10 - The Shop

Pittsburgh, PA 

Description: Hostage Pageant, Requiem, Illusion of Safety, Travis Bird & Dan Burke, Hunted Creatures


09/1610 - The Funeral Home

Buffalo, NY 

Description: Hostage Pageant, Pacing, VWLS, Poverty Hymns, Gregorian Knights


09/15/10 - Now That's Class

Cleveland, OH  

Description: Shadow Self, Hostage Pageant, Lucha Eterna, Blood Bath and Beyond


09/1410 - Basement

Athens, OH 

Description: Hostage Pageant, Nyodene D, Vivi C. Diem, Bobb Hatt


09/13/10 - Battery Cages

Dayton, OH

Description: "Exquisite Sonic Corpse" recording session (did not perform)


09/12/10 - Far House

Ann Arbor, MI

Description: Hostage pageant


09/11/10 - Goat Shed

Dayton, OH   

Description: "Radix Show", Hostage Pageant, Orgasmic Response Unit, Teeth Collection + Mandible , Girlface Girl


09/10/10 - The Mockbee via Bunk

Cincinnati, OH

Description:  Hostage Pageant, Realicide


09/06/10: - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN 

Description:  "N.D.E. Tour Kickoff"Hostage Pageant, Justice Yeldham, Solypsis


07/28/10 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "Radix w/ M. Peck", Hostage Pageant, M. Peck, The Growth


06/22/10 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "Near Death Experience" LP Release Party with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Compulsion Analysis, The Growth


06/17/10 - ProjexX

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "The Reasons Why I Dream With Knives" show, with Rebecca Nagle.


05/16/10 - Palau de la Virreina

Barcelona, Spain

Description:  The International Poetry Festival (The Ugly Americans) with:  Bibbe Hansen, Eugene S. Robinson, Lydia Lunch.


05/12/10 - KKWNE

Paris, France

Description:  "The Reasons Why I Dream With Knives" with Anton Mobin & Colin Johnco.


05/10/10 - La Suite / Centre Culturel Alternatif

Paris France

Description: "Near Death Experience" LP release party with:  The Art of 2 1/2, and Pute au bored de l'eau.


05/07/10 - Gaengeviertel

Paris (live streamed to venue in Hamburg)

Description:  With Joachim Montessuis.


04/29/10 - La Miroiterie

Paris, France

Description:  (No video, no music, no mic, just extreme vocals.  With Super SS.


12/12/09 - Ratward

Richmond, Virginia 

Description: Headmolt, Buck Gooter, The Growth


12/11/09 - Pageant: Soloveev Gallery

Philadelphia, PA

Description:  With The Growth, Unicorn Hardon, Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin, White Suns, Fuck Montreal, Form A Log


12/09/09 - Garfield Artworks

Pittsburgh, PA

Description:  With Coyotes By The Way, The Growth, RJ Myato, Requiem


12/08/09 - The Little Grill Collective

Harrisonburg, VA

Description: With Buck Gooter, The Growth, Bengine and Hostetter


04/18/2009  - The Farm House       

Pounding Mill, Virginia

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust & William Wesley & the Tiny Sockets


03/28/09 - The Green Womb

Nashville, TN

Description: with Todd (Kaontrol Kontraos manipulating my vocals), Language of Light, Waters Martin Woodwind and Fire, and Double Dragon


03/07/2009  - The Screamin Eagle Pub       

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Description: with Mannequin Hollowcaust, The Petafylers, Trace the Veins


03/06/2009  - Trumbullplex       

Detroit, Michigan

Description: with Mannequin Hollowcaust, Fascist Insect, Err 


03/05/2009  - The Raw Haus     

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust, Texas Prison Rodeo, Dr. Device and Counter Cosby


03/04/2009  - Dayton Dirt Collective     

Dayton, Ohio 

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust, Andersen Prunty, Evolve & Swill, and John Maloney


01/30/2009 - The Hideaway 

Johnson City, TN

Description:  Michael Peck’s "Dysmha" CD release party.  With M. Peck, Mark Mahoney, and Dirt Worship.  (For the finale we all played together and I read the "CDC FAQ about HPV".)


01/10/2009 - The Hideaway      

Johnson City, TN

With Subliminator, Tree Creature & Dirt Worship. 

Description:  I did Chinese Rock 'n' Roll karaoke with no music, Loopies & R.L.S. Pig Fucking Story


11/22/2008 - The Hideaway       

Johnson City, TN

With Killbot, Mannequin Hollowcaust and M. Peck.  

Description:  "Busting Open" CD release party:  Nikki & Jason Engagement Party - "Wanted" & Brain Death


11/19/2008 - The New Music House    

Tallahassee, Florida

With Irene Moon & BARNWAVE 

Description:  Bed Bugs II


11/14/2008 - Black Box Collective    

Orlando, Florida

Description:  Quarterly Noise Report 1st quarter disclosure proceedings + Noise Briefing Two day Noise Symposium - (Too many bands to list)


10/17/08 - E.T.S.U.

Johnson City, TN

Description:  Homecoming Poetry Jam / Saul Williams (Short tales from jail)


10/11/08 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

With:   Xrin Arms, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Killbot

Description: I Performed "Bed Bugs II" / Xrin Arms last tour.


08/02/08 - Chez Seany Poo

Nashville, TN

With: The Growth, Them Natives, Leslie Keffer & Val Martino, Tiny Concept, Lost October, Projexorcism


07/07/2008  - Pehrspace

Los Angeles, California

With: Captain Ahab, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Kevin Shields and Christopher Cichocki.


07/06/2008  - The Witchdome

Sacramento, California

With: Captain Ahab, Green Greenz


07/05/2008  - Hemlock Tavern

San Francisco, California

With: Battlehooch, 60 Watt Kid and Captain Ahab


07/04/2008 - Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, California

With: Captain Ahab, Bloody Snowman +

Description:  "4th of July Party in the Park"


07/01/2008  - Chasers

San Diego, California

With Captain Ahab and The Yiffs


06/29/2008  - The Smell

Los Angeles, California

With Captain Ahab, Warm Streams, Xrin Arms, Flaspar, I.E., Holy Water

Description : Cool In The Pool Day 1


03/28/2008 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

With Steve Mackay and Radon Ensemble, The Growth, and The Scams.

Description:  I read Hipponax & Archilochus


03/03/2008 - Chez Seany Poo

Nashville, TN

With Lucas Abela/Justice Yeldham, Koonda Holaa, Language of Light, Leslie Keffer.

Description: "Sign It ! (Live) Performance 


11/28/2007 - Emmetrop

Bourges, France

Description:"Sex, Drugs and Institutions" Live solo performance.


11/24/2007 - CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art

Bordeaux, France

Description: Burn Out - Post Crash (Festival) with: Giuseppe lelasi + Thomas Ankersmit (Italie/Pays Bas), Samon Takahashi (France), Jorg Piringer (Autriche), Raionbashi and Kutzkelina (Berlin), Manuela Barile (Italie).


11/22/2007 - Palais De Tokyo

Paris, France

Description:Erratum Presents: Art Noise Poetry. With Jorg Piringer.  I did "Sex, Drugs and Institutions" for "The Third Mind".


11/20/2007 - Bowery Poetry Club

New York, New York

Description: Study Abroad on the Bowery Presents: On Craft- Bryan Lewis Saunders speaks on "How I got into the art of Spoken Word in Tennessee and why he calls his work, "Stand-Up Tragedy". He also discusses influences such as Lydia Lunch, Steven Jesse Bernstein and the likes.


10/13/2007 - The Springwater

Nashville, TN

Description: With The Mattoid, and The Aquariums


10/07/2007 - The Gypsy Hut

Cincinnati, Ohio

Description: With Realicide, Foreign Soil


10/06/2007 - Jono's house

Dayton, Ohio

Description: With Being, Jono, Robert Inhuman


08/22/2007 - Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Realicide, Captain Ahab, The Growth. (Captain Ahab was confrontational with love.)


06/29/2007 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Realicide + Kevin Shields + Tik///tik + Mannequin H. (Stacie got kicked and I got choked show.)


06/13/2007 - KHM

Cologne, Germany

Description:"Public Service Announcement" Solo video show in TV studio with agressive narration.


06/10/2007 - Trodler-Bar

Berlin, Germany

Description: "Fuel" - With Zen Paradox & Stop the Disco Mafia.


05/18/2007 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Z'ev + Sikhara + The Growth + Legions of Destro Iscariot. (Magical)


05/11/2007 10:30 PM - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Ocoai, Stopsign Asshole, The Scams. (Travis and Sarah Wedding Anniversary Party)


04/27/2007 10:00 PM - The Hideaway

Johnson City, Tennessee

Description: With Hentai Lacerator. (My first show with videos)


09/14/2006 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Disco Dis' Don't and Grand Buffet.


08-25-06 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With the Growth.  (I was sucker punched on stage by an audience member.)


05-06-05 - Desalle Auditorium / Cranbrook Museum

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Description: Cranbrook Video Fest 2005.  "Where's Mao Now When You Need Him ?"


04-13-05 - E. Walnut St.

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "Where's Mao Now When You Need Him ?"