23 October 2014


"Apollo Chair"


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Self-Portrait "Under the Influence of Torture" no. 30 (Apollo Chair)

The Apollo Chair as used by the SAVAK (above), Iran's most dreaded and feared brutal secret police institution. Perhaps this torture chair was named after Apollo because he was the god of information?   The chair was redesigned by John Duncan and built by Nikola Mounoud specifically for this year's performance at LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival).  Performed and drawn under the influence by Bryan Lewis Saunders


"Come prepared if you think it will help." John Duncan






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Announcemnet from daily guerrilla journal Le TITRE.




Photo Gallery

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Nikola Mounoud constructing the helmet from an old Lausanne street trashcan.




 photo e4ef77a1-9239-47fa-a761-84fc7c5b54d3.jpg

The Apollo Chair rests atop a giant sub.




 photo a0c968d3-316b-4c6b-94e0-f7f51eeaf895.jpg

John Duncan and Veronika Chekodanova testing the restraints.




 photo 0e08f15f-e7a8-447c-af9c-f0b147b4a750.jpg

Veronika Chekodanova strapping me down.

Performance photograph courtesy of John Baillie




 photo 5ed72ea6-7b09-4bfc-a8e3-a60d80cf7498.jpg

Performance photograph courtesy of John Baillie




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Video still courtesy of Michel Pennec. Projected video by Brad Ward, Lisa Moss and Bryan Lewis Saunders.




 photo T2.jpg

Video still courtesy of Michel Pennec. Projected video by Brad Ward, Lisa Moss and Bryan Lewis Saunders.




 photo d86df3b7-54d0-469f-9c04-fc69b56da892.jpg

Performance photograph couresy of Michel Pennec




 photo cdebb215-7d67-45db-aa16-dceac8fed077.jpg

John Duncan with 5 Million Volt Stun Gun (attached to a high quality contact mic)

Performance photograph courtesy of Michel Pennec




 photo 3f832aa5-03ab-43b6-82c9-257cc5f88980.jpg

Hailié Ritter and John Duncan delivering electrical shocks and physical sonic blows. Projected video by Brad Ward, Lisa Moss and Bryan Lewis Saunders.

Performance photograph courtesy of Mathieu Ballmer




 photo 0ed7313b-33aa-4a0a-b83e-72c4ebc82772.jpg

Performance photograph courtesy of Mathieu Ballmer




 photo 7d6d592b-8967-4148-94a8-aad80e94cf23.jpg

John Duncan delivering electrical shocks.

Performance photograph courtesy of Adythia Utama




 photo f10d00b3-3a36-495d-9262-11f5a36a7e6f.jpg

Performance photograph courtesy of Adythia Utama




 photo 3179b189-affb-479e-b5dd-01d5b3f8224c.jpg

Pherformance potograph courtesy of John Baillie




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Performance photograph courtesy of Anne Lise Rossier Bodvit 













Earlier this year the artist John Duncan and I were invited to perform together at the LUFF festival in Switzerland. The performance was titled “Under the Influence of Torture” and was performed in advance of the UN Committee Against Torture’s 53rd session in Geneva. The UN meeting addressed policies concerning the treatment of people in U.S. custody or physical control. In preparation of our performance I, with the help of two good friends, practiced being tortured for months and documented these experiences with audio, videos and drawings, some of which were later incorporated into part of the live performance at LUFF this past October. I did all of the drawings while I was being physically tortured either by my friends or by my own hand if I was physically able and there was no risk of permanent injury or accidental death. During the performance, the drawings were exhibited at Galerie Humus in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

As painful and horrific as some of the tortures I experienced were, I knew full well that these acts would end and that I had final control over them. However, I could not have imagined how truly evil and depraved politicians and agents of the United States had been in regards to torture and even then the true brutal extent of which was still kept secret from the UN. Make no mistake, I feel very strongly for victims of torture. In no way do I wish to equate my experiences with theirs or belittle or ridicule their experiences with art. My goal was simply to create a different way of bringing awareness to something that is currently happening in over 200 countries throughout the world.  


LUFF Performance Video (excerpt)


UN Committee Against Torture’s (concluding observations)


Recent Senate Intelligence Report pdf






 photo rsz_scan.jpg

1- Black Hood Over Eyes Taped Up




 photo rsz_scan_1.jpg

2- Face Slaps




 photo rsz_scan_2-2.jpg

3- Head Dunks in Water Bucket




 photo rsz_scan_3-1.jpg

4- Waterboarded




 photo rsz_scan_4.jpg

5- Bottoms of Feet Smacking




 photo rsz_scan_5.jpg

6- Stun Gun 5 Million Volts on Leg Repeatedly




 photo rsz_scan_6.jpg

7- Half Flying




 photo rsz_scan_7.jpg

8- Tiger Chair




 photo rsz_1scan.jpg

9- C-Clamp on Big Toe




 photo rsz_scan_8.jpg

10- Head in Vice (before, during and after)




 photo rsz_scan_10.jpg

11- Pressing the Fingers with Sticks (Pens and Ppencils)




 photo rsz_scan_11.jpg

12- Human Pinata with Taped Up Telephone Books Beat




 photo rsz_scan_12.jpg

13- Chopped Up Onion in Goggles




 photo rsz_scan_14.jpg

14- Gecko Crawling on Wall (Stress Position)




 photo rsz_scan_15.jpg

15- Hot and Spicy Chicken Legs




 photo rsz_scan_16.jpg

16- Hog Tied




 photo rsz_scan_17.jpg

17- Body Folding WHile Sitting (Stress Position with Duct Tape) 




 photo rsz_scan_18.jpg


18- Whipping the Thigh in the Same Spot with a Rubber Inner Tube



 photo rsz_scan_19.jpg

19- Cigar Burn on Back of hand




 photo rsz_scan_20.jpg

20- Crushing (with Weights)




 photo rsz_11scan.jpg

21- Brushing the Anus until it Bleeds




 photo rsz_31scan.jpg

22- Binding with Rope to Cut Off Circulation of Blood




 photo rsz_1scan_2.jpg

23- Cattle Prod across Ankle Bone Reeatedly




 photo rsz_scan_25.jpg

24- Stun Gun on Testicle




 photo rsz_scan_26.jpg

25- Sewing Needle Pushed under Finger Nail




 photo rsz_scan_27.jpg

26- Pouring Hot Water over the Head




 photo rsz_scan_28.jpg

27- Forced Squatting




 photo rsz_scan_29.jpg

28- Half Murga




 photo rsz_scan_30.jpg

29- Repeated Belly Slaps




 photo rsz_pollo_chair.jpg

30- Whie Strapped to an Apollo Chair