New Documentary

9 July 2022


"The Etraordinary Self-Portraits of

Bryan Lewis Saunders"

by Blind Dweller




Bryan Lewis Saunders is an American artist who not only creates many fascinating self portraits, but has in fact, till the day of me uploading this very video, made at least one self portrait, every single day, since March 30th, 1995. As a result, Bryan’s increasing collection of self portraits consists of over 13,000 individual sketches, paintings and drawings of him portrayed in various themes and moods. Basically serving as an artist's journal or diary, capturing very specific chapters in his life. Inspired some of his happiest and some of the darkest experiences. The more I looked into Bryan’s story, the more I discovered just how much he endures to create his art. From him illustrating every headache he has had for over twenty years, to brief periods of creating self portraits under the influence of countless types of drugs and intoxicants. Today I’m excited to explore with you, the multi-faces of Bryan Lewis Saunders. - Blind Dweller


Running Time: 1hr 37min.